Sunday, February 3, 2013

Let's try again... Boat for sale

For Sale: 1980 Capital Yachts Gulf 29 Pilothouse Sloop, $15,000

Ok, trying again.  Last time I posted her for sale, I was immediately wrapped up in work and other activities that took too much of my attention and kept me from being reasonably responsive.  I advertised with Craigslist and Boat Trader Online, which seemed to result in:
  1. a whole lot of friendly people who couldn't write in English who were working on a container ship with a broken satellite phone and wanted to buy "the item" for their sick father(s?) if I would please just give them my PayPal account
  2. some companies who wanted to advertise and sell my boat for me
  3. maybe two or three real people expressing an interest in the boat
Not too successful for the cost of the Boat Trader ad, so I'm just going with Craigslist this time.  People on container ship with broken satellite phone, limber your email fingers and de-sync those sent-from and respond-to email accounts!
Boat Details:
These pix are from January 19, 2013