Monday, June 23, 2008

It's Been Awhile

Thought I'd pop in here and type quickly. I kind of don't have much to say. I'm flopping and lolling in the summer doldrums with the boat work. Ripped out the windows and the delaminated quarter inch teak plywood from the cabin top in late May and early June. Turns out the windows are all plastic and 5200. I'm obsessing about whether or not to use 1/4 inch HDPE sheet (King Starboard or Seaboard) as the replacement for the teak. My sticking point is dimensional stability under thermal ranges to be expected on the boat. Kevin is close, if not finished, on the engine and rudder / steering install.

Mostly I've been doing other stuff (and avoiding doing other stuff). Chica-san and I went to the Lowe Museum in Miami yesterday, then poked around Coconut Grove for awhile. Had French food in a Frenchie restaurant. Interesting thin man in 30s or 40s at the next table with a bar code tatoo on his inner forearm, an older wife, and a7 year-old daughter eating huge amounts of food. Goofed off in Delray on Saturday. A guy and his boyfriend in line behind us at Ben & Jerry's got a chocolate covered banana. Not much to do in SoFla if you don't have your boat here, aren't a shopper, don't swing with golf, ain't ultra-rich, and don't go to church.

Gotta scoot. Chica sez creamy gorgonzola pasta's ready!